Sundown Carnivore restaurant unique menu “Carnivore Style” is considered Africa’s greatest eating experience, a huge variety of delicious meat is roasted over spectacular fire charcoal and cared at your table. “Eat as much as you can until you drop the flag!” with Sundown Carnivore exciting atmosphere and outstanding service your beast of feast will be one to remember.
Our cuisines range from Starter Soups, Main Course Meals and Desserts.  We offer Custom Made Buffet Menu for Conferences, Weddings, Family day, Birthdays, Office parties and Live shows.

Sundown Carnival restaurants are the perfect place to wine and dine with family and friends. You will enjoy gracious service, superb meals from our inventive menu, nice ambience and beautiful gardens.

The “Main Restaurant” has capacity to accommodate 200 pax ; “Makuti” restaurant 100 pax  while our  10 “Karibu Makuti” Coffee Lounges accommodate 10pax each.


"Makuti Restaurant" & "Karibu Makuti" Coffee Lounges

"Makuti restaurant."

“Karibu Makuti” Coffee Lounges.

À la Carte Menu

  • Platter

Variety of boneless meat accompanied with roasted potatoes and souces.

  • Chicken

We serve Chicken Yakitori, Chicken in the Basket & Grilled Lemon Chicken..

  • Steak

Enjoy Sirloin Steak, Pepper Steak & T.Bone Steak

  • Burgers

Beef Burgera & Cheese Burger.

  • Fish

Fish & Chips or Grilled Tilapia Fillet