Sundown Carnival’s  playground makes for a perfect family day out. When the kids have had enough of monkeying around on the swings, slides, maze, playhouses and rope bridge, they can ride their bikes or rollerblade around the paths, play ball games or relax at the picnic shelters while as they wait for  barbeque. It’s a great spot for a birthday party — there’s room for everyone, with big picnic tables to fit in all your guests.


"Makuti Restaurant" & "Karibu Makuti" Coffee Lounges

"Makuti restaurant."

“Karibu Makuti” Coffee Lounges.

À la Carte Menu

  • Platter

Variety of boneless meat accompanied with roasted potatoes and souces.

  • Chicken

We serve Chicken Yakitori, Chicken in the Basket & Grilled Lemon Chicken..

  • Steak

Enjoy Sirloin Steak, Pepper Steak & T.Bone Steak

  • Burgers

Beef Burgera & Cheese Burger.

  • Fish

Fish & Chips or Grilled Tilapia Fillet